Kyla Paolucci

Kyla Paolucci is a graphic designer living in Brooklyn, NY. She is a professor at St. Johns University, runs a studio project called Elliucci, and likes to write from time to time. She also made this typeface that you may download for personal use.

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January 2024Are you looking for the literal best dance band for a wedding? It’s ModSociety in Brooklyn. I worked with Claudio to make him the type of business site to help his wonderful band get more bookings. To illustate their different packages from four-piece ensembles to big band experiences, I channeled Charles E. Murphy‘s Command Records album covers.

Decmber 2023A digital flyer to promote the Senior Showcase of graphic design projects at the St. John’s University featuring the class Miro board.

November 2023Months after earning my MFA, I created the Epic Fail Pass. While school provides a secure space for failure, not everyone enjoys that privilege. The Epic Fail Pass, conceived as an allowance, is designed to transform failure into a moment of reflection. It provides students with the opportunity to redeem a one-time pass when their outputs don't quite work out. Would you consider implementing this in your classroom? Can you imagine having appreciated such a tool when you were a student or perhaps even as a professional?

November 2023Thrilled to announce that one of my zines, “It’s All Natural” is being carried at Printed Matter. A story about my connection to the ubiquitous use of a red-and-white checkered table cloth uncovers queries about my Italian American idenity and hegemonic “style.”

November 2023
I drew this horse and made prints of it for my friends with children... and myself...

October 2023Following the 2023 AIGA Design Conference, I found myself compelled to share some half-baked thoughts about AI to join the ongoing conversation about AI as a tool. This image accompanies my latest Medium post titled“Are graphic designers really opposed to AI?”—made with Photoshop and "Heffalumps and Woozles" prompts on Midjourney.

August 2023The Current is a gift store that introduces curated, design-focused homeware items to a bustling main street in southern Rhode Island. Collaborating closely with the storeowner, Britni, I crafted an identity that is both playful and versatile in response to trend. The design pays homage to the locality of "the Ocean State" and complements the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the store.

In developing the e-commerce site, I customized Square's web-builder to align with Britni's vision with front-end development assistance from Andrew Lux.

July 2023
I completed my MFA thesis, Table Talk, at VCFA. You can read more about it over on my cohort’s website.

June 2023
Through Vermont College of Fine Arts, I was invited to present at Typographics 2023 as part of the Type Lab series to share the story behind my typeface design, Federico. I’m cooking up a transcipt of the presentation, but here’s a snack for now.

June 2023Art direction and web design for the cohort VCFA’s 2023 Graphic Design thesis exhibition. Web development by Mattieu Moreau Domecq. View the site here.

May 2023Some graphics I made for the third installment of Just Vibes—a monthly gathering of VCFA Design students established by Chris Lange and Ray Masaki.


January-Septermber 2022
At the start of 2022, I joined Event Services platform, Bizzabo, as the Creative Marketing Lead. Following a recent rebrand, I adapted toolkits designed by external agencies to support Bizzabo’s marketing efforts and growth initiatives. Collaborating with a tight-knit creative team, we conducted a comprehensive site audit, transitioned to a more user-friendly site design, redefined our approach to social media, and developed a brand voice that laid the groundwork for cross-departmental campaigns in service design and product marketing.

October 2022This was the first chance I had to see many of my friends since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With an old point-and-shoot in hand and some Tri-X 400 film, I visited folks wherever they felt the most comfortable to capture their photos.

August 2022Memes and templates provide opportunities for enjoyable creativity. I adopted one of creating a playlist based on song titles to construct a menu for a typical Sunday dinner, incorporating my family’s colorful dinner conversation. Keeping memes in mind, I practiced my own interpretation of popular graphics in my region that piggyback on the modesty and distortion of "outsider" design.

Spring 2022Having grown weary of the constant digital demands during the pandemic, I enrolled in a risograph class at SVA's RisoLab to create various items and have some fun. Over the months, I produced several zines, visual experiments, and illustrations. *Scans coming soon

November 2021During pandemic-induced remote coworking at HBO, I proposed planning casual meetups to the design leadership team, inspired by the concept of "homerooms" from the VCFA Remote Residency. Given our frequent use of Google Workspace for work, I wanted to leverage these tools as a resource for leisure. A shared spreadsheet served as our dashboard for "ID Hangouts." I invited team members to sign up to host sessions or contribute to developing the series collaboratively.

Not only did we have the freedom to create whatever we wanted, but there was also the option to not produce anything at all or even be online, for that matter. Hangouts were strictly optional, allowing teammates to respectfully opt-out and take time for themselves as long as they weren’t working.

November 2021Spreadsheet typography to futher my studies in materiality and accessible tools. 

March 2021Having helped established a flexible design workflow for HBO MAX’s new podcast business, I developed external materials and guidelines on Google Workspace for autonomous designers and external agencies to enable fast-paced production timelines and increase creativity.

October 2021As part of the low-residency MFA program at VCFA, we meet in person every six months to share our semester’s work. After my first semester, I found myself fixated on the idea of creating a final form rather than reflecting on my numerous explorations and curiosities. To organize all my writing and semester projects, I created a webzine that I called Lasso. I recognized my apparent comfort in structure, along with the performative aspect of sharing work on the internet.

April 2021As an Art Director supporting program marketing initiatives at HBO, I am often working on multiple projects simultaneously. Such was the case during the premieres of two different shows amid the height of stay-at-home orders. When a show debuts on HBO, we typically promote it with a significant event attended by VIPs. However, with the restrictions in place, we took this as an opportunity to produce digital events for the people HBO benefits from the most—our viewers.

Although the Series Premiere of "We're Here" and the Season 4 Premiere of "Insecure" had different marketing strategies, both became their own case studies in orchestrating events through the portals of our devices under the tightest time constraints.

April 2021Further development of my typeface, Federico, where I redrafted the letterforms with artist tape after losing the material quality through a purely digital approach. 

December 2020After the launch of HBO Max, our marketing team sought unexpected ways to increase viewership—through actual humans, not algorithms. We developed a suite of digital content across social media, including a visual identity, UI/UX direction for an online tool featuring real-life show recommendations, and supporting promotional assets that guided viewers to free episodees.