Kyla Paolucci

Graphic Design
Art Direction


Brooklyn, NY

Art direction, Branding

A bespoke visual identity for the comedy series, Insecure. I’ve continued to develop design guidelines to support the show’s unique and relatable voice on social media through each season.

High Maintenance Coloring Book
Illustration, Book Design
Additional Illustrations by Doris Liou
Art Direction by Idris Solomon

An activity book to support the Season 4 Premiere of High Maintenance. Along with creating illustrated activities, I designed the editorial layout and managed booklet production.

Branding, Typography
An HBO partnership with Rock The Vote
A digital marketing campaign to educate voters about important social issues ahead of the 2016 Presidential election. The hand lettered visual identity provides a humanistic quality to the informational videos.


World Wrestling Entertainment
Editorial Design, Typography

Selected work from my time at WWE. I designed feature pages for WWE Magazine and produced the company’s first digital magazine app. After my departure, I continued to design special edition issues.